620 W Airy St, Norristown, PA 19401, USA

Kiley's Auto Repair

Mike C. -  I can't say enough good things about the service I received from Kiley's. I've been searching for a new mechanic for awhile now and I think I found the place. My previous mechanic was painfully slow, and had very poor communication. I called Kiley's on Friday to set up a time to drop my Nissan Titan truck off for inspection, oil change and service engine light. Nick told me to drop it off first thing Monday morning. Shortly after lunch on Monday everything was complete! Not only that but he was honest, professional and even informed me of some maintenance work I'm going to need to get done in the future. And the price was very reasonable. I highly recommend giving Kiley's a shot if you need any auto work/service done.

William S. - How would you like to know that your car will be taken care of by a knowledgeable, honest, relabel, and timely mechanic? Well that is what you get here. Nick cares but what is unusual here is, not only about his bottom line. He understands that taking care of people is taking care of business. We have taken our cars to Nick several times and every time has been reassuring, not a terror. I strongly recommend Kiley's Auto Repair to anyone who asks, even if they don't.

Charles D. - A truly honest mechanic. I take all my cars here. 

Jennifer M. - I have been taking my car to Nick Kiley for over 10 years! I have made the mistake of taking my car to someone else one time and I will NEVER do that again. Nick is an great auto mechanic, who is honest and fair. He is dependable and reliable. If you are looking for a new auto mechanic, I recommend that you take you car to Kiley's Auto Repair. You wont regret it.

Andrea R. - Nick and everyone at Kiley's auto are amazing! I bring my car here for all repairs. They are trustworthy, knowledgeable, very fair, and superfast! I had an issue with my car while driving home from work this week and I just stopped in (without an appointment) and they fixed my car in no time. This is the only place I trust to bring my car because I know I'm not going to get ripped off and the work is top notch!! I highly recommend Kiley's Auto!! Thank you Nick!

 Amy B. - I've been going to Nick since Bruce retired. Nick is incredibly fair, incredibly knowledgeable, and makes me feel like I am in good hands.  He's changed my oil, repaired my brakes, done inspection/emissions, and kept my older vehicle and me happy.

Gabby L.  - Kiley's Auto Repair is a place I can trust.  Up until last year I was taking my car to the dealership but I always felt like I was being taken advantage of and it was always way more than I planned on spending.  Now that I have switched over to Kiley's Auto Repair I know I can expect great service, respect and a fair price.  I highly recommend checking them out, you won't regret it.

Melissa G.  - Nick is my go-to guy. When people tell you, "Take your car to my guy, I trust whatever he says" That's the kind of guy Nick is. He'll give it to you straight and honest. Growing up in a shop, I don't care what the place looks like, it's the men working on your car that really matter and these guys are awesome.

Sasha P. - It was an emergency stop for me. I have a Ford Econoline 2006 Van that had been acting strangely. It was losing power and I had the check engine light on. The engine had a tendency to stop working. I would drive for a bit and then the van would stall. Because this was happening away from where I usually take my vehicles and I don't have AAA, I looked online and found that Nick's shop was the closest one. I managed to get there despite the engine difficulties. When I got there, Nick was very professional. He hooked up a computer to my van and immediately found what was wrong. He looked under the hood and explained that there was a leak in the air hose. He tightened it and the van worked just fine. He didn't charge a thing. In the future I will definitely come to Nick's. Thanks, Nick

Andrew G. - Kiley's is honest, reasonably priced, and fast. I'll definitely go back.

Lois L.
 - I've had the owner of the shop work on my car for several years with great results. I visited his new shop (Kiley's) for the first time yesterday and was very happy. They are honest which is most important to me. Also, as you would hope they were friendly, professional and quick to handle my car and get me on my way.
I highly recommend that others take their vehicles there too. You won't be disappointed.Type your paragraph here.

Bob B. - I recently moved and needed a new auto repair shop closer to home. Kiley's will be it! Nick is very honest, friendly and fast! If you're looking for a new place to take your car for repair or inspection you won't be disappointed with Kiley's Auto.

Josh S. - My family has been going to Kiley's for a few years now and we've never been disappointed. They are very honest and very knowledgeable which allows me to not only feel safe when I drive away from the shop but also allows me peace of mind that I'm getting the highest quality at a very reasonable price. I can't say enough positive things about Nick and his shop and would recommend him to anyone looking for a reliable, honest mechanic because now a days that's very hard to find!

Obed A. - My car was giving me problems starting occasionally, but it seemed to be getting worse so I took my car to Kiley's fully expecting to pay for a new starter. But Nick took time to discover that the problem was something much smaller and explained the situation to me without charging a penny. You just don't find honest mechanics anymore, but Nick is one of the few. I will definitely be returning to him for future issues.